Scania 2-Series Update

The renovation of the Scania 2-Series is now well underway (see the previous post), with the chassis and running gear pretty-much all done (bar a few optional extras such as the catwalk a-frame, and chain stow areas etc). The chassis has been painted by Joe Walton of Walton’s BRUNTINGTHORPE. Although a note to Joe –…

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Sanderson helps meet accelerated demand for home offices amidst COVID-19.

Our relationship with Peterborough-based Booths Garden Studios began back in 2016. During the years between, investment in our capabilities has meant we were able to support the growth of their business, to become the UK’s leading supplier of innovative zero maintenance garden studios, uniquely designed to transform into annexes, home gyms, or offices.  2020 has…

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Sanderson’s fine-tuned logistics help Halco achieve the gold standard.

Steve Jobs said “details matter”. In our business, we know that if you pay attention to the detail, the big picture will take care of itself. It’s the accuracy in warehousing stock control and real-time Warehouse Management System (WMS) reporting; the ability to keep pace with the changing needs of customers; fine-tuning distribution schedules to meet…

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Sanderson sets a global standard with new BRC accreditation

The grocery retail marketplace is transforming. As consumer behaviours change and trends shift towards fast-paced online service offerings, the marketplace is ever-more dynamic and competitive. This means retailers increasingly demand the world on a plate from suppliers. Meeting precise criteria in product quality, consistency and service level is essential, whilst maintaining pin-point cost efficiency and…

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Sanderson and IVC make a promising partnership

Sanderson and IVC first met in 2015, when the Belgian-based flooring giant began establishing itself within the UK marketplace. Now, as one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of flooring solutions for the global project market, IVC rely on Sanderson to support their UK-wide distribution operation.

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Sanderson’s Restoration of Scania R112

Following the restoration of C1 SST (Scania 164 V8 580), approximately 4 years ago I never realised how much I would enjoy driving it. My intention for C1 SST was to use this predominantly as a show vehicle but to also use it for work on the odd occasion when I’m on the road. During the…

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