New onsite gym supports the wellbeing of Sanderson employees.

Specialist HGV drivers gym

Most HGV drivers will tell you they prefer the freedom and variety of a career that keeps them on the move over the 9 to 5 of an office job. However, new research has shown that more than a third admit that a life on the road can make it a challenge to stay fit and healthy.

It can be easy to fall into unhealthy habits during working hours, such as extended periods of inactivity, lack of exercise, poor diet choices, and irregular sleeping patterns – all impacting both physical and mental health.

At Sanderson, we take employee wellbeing as seriously as we do our health and safety measures, and believe it’s our responsibility to support the wellness of all our staff – in particular our drivers.

As part of our ongoing commitment to the health and happiness of our team, Sanderson has opened a gym and relaxation space at our new transport headquarters in Northamptonshire. The additional square footage we have gained within the newly renovated George Lee building has been put to good use as an area dedicated to staff wellbeing, and is available to all employees.

The fully equipped gym is free, and open 24/7 to our whole team. It comes as no surprise that it has been extremely well received by everyone, with over 60% of our staff signing up in the early days of its launch. Many have commented that the convenience of an onsite gym will encourage them to go more regularly, and that the option of free gym membership is welcome as the cost of living crisis gathers pace.

There’s also an important link between physical and mental health. The charity MIND has revealed that over 30% of work-related illnesses within the transport and logistics industry have their roots in stress, depression and/or anxiety. Physical activity is a fantastic way to improve mental wellbeing, and a gym brings in that social aspect which is a much-needed boost for many HGV drivers, before or after long stints on the road.

HGV-specific gym equipment for 2023
Ed Sanderson

We’re thrilled to see such a great uptake in use of the new gym by staff across the company. We like to think that we have always taken care of our staff, all of whom go above and beyond every day to support our business. We believe it’s our fundamental role as an employer to go above and beyond to support their wellbeing in return.

Ed Sanderson

Sanderson Transport’s Commercial Director