Smooth operators: Sanderson supports nationwide distribution for global conveyor giant Rulmeca

Rulmeca Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of Bulk rollers and motorised pulleys for heavy duty belt conveyors, often used in quarries and mining applications, or in the steel industry.

In 2022, Rulmeca celebrates 60 years since its beginnings as a family business, and through their journey have today become a major global player in their field of conveyor rollers and driver products for both the Bulk and Unit handling industries.

Rulmeca celebrates 60 years since its beginnings as a family business

From their Northamptonshire facility, subsidiary Rulmeca UK Ltd design and manufacture purpose-built solutions primarily for the domestic marketplace, with an ethos based on precision, versatility and meeting the highest UK and European quality standards. Manufacturing extends from Bulk welded rollers to Unit handling rollers and motorised pulleys where they have a complete assembly and service capability to back up their group production of rollers and drives. Their whole service is geared to fast turnaround to support customers in the crucial imperatives of maximising speed and efficiency, and minimising downtime. The increasing demands of conveyors over the years has meant that a reliable, energy-efficient conveyor system is a vital part of any processing or distribution business.

Rulmeca HGV trailer on Sanderson Transport lorry

The relationship between Stephen Sanderson Transport and Rulmeca UK reaches way back to our early years in the 1980’s, when Rulmeca was seeking a sole end-to-end logistics partner to join them in their journey of growth. Sanderson began supporting the distribution of full load deliveries to OEM’s, quarries and sites across the country including Tata Steel and British Steel, and over the years our partnership has developed into one of mutual benefit, fuelling growth for both companies. Sanderson’s willingness to invest, adapt and upscale its capabilities has enabled us to support Rulmeca’s increasing and changing demands. Our Customer Support Manager Rory Jeacock comments:

Rory Jeacock

Teamwork is the trademark of Sanderson Transport. We think of ourselves as an extension of our customer’s business, and by taking a genuine interest in their unique commercial and operations imperatives, we can develop a tailored logistics solution that will adapt as they grow.

Rory Jeacock

Customer Support Manager

Over the years, some consignments have become smaller but more frequent, to include conveyor accessories and service parts. This meant Rulmeca also needed a partner that could adapt its service to offer speed, flexibility and a nationwide network to provide an alternative solution to full loads. Sanderson’s offering as a key member of the Palletline network has enabled us to tap into multiple route options to support the fast distribution of smaller consignments and palletised freight, at short notice, all over the UK. Rory continues:

Thanks to our exemplary service level, commitment, and attention to detail, Rulmeca have total faith that we’ll not just get the job done, but more importantly get it done accurately and efficiently, meeting their delivery schedule, and ensuring that each consignment has always reached its destination uninterrupted. We’re proud to be a trusted partner of Rulmeca UK now and for years to come.

Rulmeca UK Ltd staff outside HQ with brandedLorry
Sanderson Transport Lorry outside Rulmeca UK Ltd building