Sanderson Transport and Hörmann renew partnership commitment.

Stephen Sanderson Transport is thrilled to announce the renewed 5 year commitment in our partnership with Hörmann UK, Europe’s leading supplier of garage and industrial doors to the UK construction industry.

Since 1981, Sanderson and Hörmann have shared a journey of growth, evolving together, and integrating operations so that Sanderson has effectively become an extension of the wider Hörmann business. Today, the Hörmann account is one of Sanderson’s busiest, distributing a diverse product range across the UK.


We run a fleet of 21 Hörmann-branded contract vehicles, adapted with innovative and versatile racking systems, designed to increase load capacity and limit risk of damage, whilst significantly reducing environmental impact. Ensuring every vehicle is equipped with truck-mounted forklifts ensures even greater versatility, but more importantly, supports the health and safety of the team by eradicating manual handling. It also impacts efficiency, and offers a speedy, self-contained service to Hörmann’s end users.

Sanderson is well known for our ability and willingness to adapt to our customer’s changing needs, and over the years we have designed special approaches to the way we work with Hörmann, investing in new technologies and systems to help support the challenges of growth, including increasing volumes and geographical reach.

Sanderson’s Operations Director, Chris Sanderson comments:

Chris Sanderson

Whilst there might be a big corporate structure around our partnership these days, we still retain the personal relationship and mutual trust that we had in day one. Both our companies share a true team spirit and we’re delighted to have formalised our partnership for years to come.

Chris Sanderson

Sanderson’s Operations Director

Both businesses are operating in a vastly different world than when we began over 40 years ago. Hörmann’s expansion within the industrial and warehousing marketplace, driven in part by the e-commerce boom, has resulted in a need for us to adapt to the size and scale of product we transport. Add to this the impact of supply chain disruption and the war in Ukraine, which has demanded a high level of flexibility and responsiveness to support delays, and provide additional storage for components whilst waiting for building sites to be ready to receive consignments.

Sanderson Transport and Hörmann renew partnership commitment. 1 Sanderson Transport

We’re thrilled to consolidate our close relationship with Sanderson Transport. Our two companies have grown together over so many years, such that Sanderson is the face of our organisation. Without their fantastic team of people, we simply wouldn’t have been able to grow our business with such success.

Kerry Seager

Hörmann’s Operations Manager comments