Sanderson’s fine-tuned logistics help Halco achieve the gold standard.

Steve Jobs said “details matter”.

In our business, we know that if you pay attention to the detail, the big picture will take care of itself. It’s the accuracy in warehousing stock control and real-time Warehouse Management System (WMS) reporting; the ability to keep pace with the changing needs of customers; fine-tuning distribution schedules to meet critical delivery deadlines; or designing bespoke logistics solutions for specialist products.

Sanderson’s fine-tuned logistics help Halco achieve the gold standard. 1 Sanderson Transport

An example of this end-to-end service is Sanderson’s partnership with Halco Products, which began shortly after the company was founded 15 years ago. Today, we provide a complete third party logistics service for Halco, handling the warehousing and B2B distribution of their range of electrical consumer goods, from vaping products to RAC branded torches and car accessories.

Through our warehousing facility, we provide a pick and pack operation, handling in excess of 250 SKUs of product for Halco each day. Our recent investment in a new Microlistics WMS helps us achieve detailed, accurate stock and batch control, coupled with real-time reporting that provides Halco with an immediate snapshot of stock movement on demand.

And when it comes to distribution, we know that we need to provide versatile solutions. Our long-standing partnership with the Palletline transport services network helps us do this, offering the advantage of flexibility, efficiency and national coverage; whilst our own general haulage operation accommodates the full and part loads along with the back haul collections.

All these factors add up when it comes to working with the large multiples such as Tesco or Argos, where service level is a major factor of choice. Getting every small detail right is critical if we’re to support customers like Halco in consistently achieving high service levels, to the extent that they have been awarded Gold Supplier status with Sainsbury’s.

We can trust Sanderson to help handle the pressures of working with the big organisations. Their reporting and IT systems are much more comprehensive and accurate than other, larger distribution companies and this means we can count on them to get things right; everything works in sync, and there is rarely a discrepancy. On top of this, they have managed to retain their commitment to friendly, personal service whilst growing to offer massive capabilities – that’s rare these days and really stands them apart.

Jon Martin

Managing Director of Halco,

Sanderson’s fine-tuned logistics help Halco achieve the gold standard. 2 Sanderson Transport
Luke McLellan

Our relationship with Halco is a true partnership and we think of ourselves as an extension of their team.

We recognise that every customer has a very unique set of needs and we’ve invested in the software and systems to ensure we can get it right for them first time, and every time.

Luke McLellan

Warehouse Manager