The grocery retail marketplace is transforming.

As consumer behaviours change and trends shift towards fast-paced online service offerings, the marketplace is ever-more dynamic and competitive. This means retailers increasingly demand the world on a plate from suppliers. Meeting precise criteria in product quality, consistency and service level is essential, whilst maintaining pin-point cost efficiency and the ability to adapt to change. The squeeze is felt down the whole supply chain – a complex network that has no room for error.

Sanderson Transport is at the heart of this network

Sanderson Transport is at the heart of this network, and our partners include a diverse range of businesses from across the food industry such as IFF, Warner’s Distillery, Farrington Oils, Hotel Chocolat, BakeAway and Taste Original. In 2019 we recognised the need to invest in our service to help make our customer’s lives easier, by obtaining A-Grade Brand Reputation through Compliance Global Standard (BRCGS) accreditation in food storage and distribution.

Holding the BRC Global Standard goes a long way to offer the reassurance our customers need. They have the peace of mind that we’re dedicated to best practice, consistently audited on a set of detailed criteria across the board – from quality management to hazard and risk analysis; the training of personnel in handling of food to the organisation of our 100,000ft warehousing facility. This all combines to support our customer’s promise to the big retailers at the end of the supply chain.

Reassurance is one thing, but driving a leaner operation is another. On a practical level, holding the BRCGS facilitates serious benefits in efficiency through a reduction of admin and streamlining of the whole process. Commercial Director, Ed Sanderson explains:

Ed Sanderson

The size and scale of our 80-strong vehicle fleet means that we can help provide control from point of source to point of delivery.  The BRC accreditation supports this comprehensive service and is another example of our commitment to care and quality in everything we do.

Ed Sanderson


BakeAway’s Warehouse Manager, Tim Embleton, describes Sanderson’s BRC accreditation as “essential to our operation.” He goes on to say:

The team understand that stock visibility is our key imperative and that without meeting detailed BRC standards to maintain product integrity we’d risk letting down our biggest customers such as Tesco. Communication through their WMS portal provides a real-time link, and we’re able to ensure full traceability from one end of the process to the other.

Tim Embleton

BakeAway’s Warehouse Manager

Sanderson sets a global standard with new BRC accreditation 1 Sanderson Transport