Sanderson helps meet accelerated demand for home offices amidst COVID-19.

Our relationship with Peterborough-based Booths Garden Studios began back in 2016. During the years between, investment in our capabilities has meant we were able to support the growth of their business, to become the UK’s leading supplier of innovative zero maintenance garden studios, uniquely designed to transform into annexes, home gyms, or offices. 

2020 has seen a massive boom in demand for office studios as COVID-19 has transformed the way we work. On a positive note, many organisations have experienced the practical benefits of a more flexible and dynamic remote working model, which looks set to increasingly become the norm. Booths Garden Studios is one of those companies who were quick to adapt to change. With the support of Sanderson Transport, they have been able to respond positively in fulfilling a massive growth in demand for home offices during the challenges of the pandemic.

Chris Sanderson

Booths’ product is unique, requiring care and reliability, with national coverage. As we’ve invested in scaling up our fleet, specialist equipment and systems, we have been able to provide a solution that is flexible enough to help them realise their vision for the business.

Chris Sanderson

Sanderson’s Operations Director

One of Sanderson’s biggest strengths is an ability to adapt its service to handle specialist products, in tricky-to-reach locations. We deliver four to five studios every day, across the UK and Southern Ireland on our Moffett-mounted vehicles and our specially-adapted Pantograph forklifts enable our drivers to access, lift, and place each component of the building smoothly into position. By working in close partnership with the team at Booths, we’re able to deal with the challenges of timing, ensuring our arrival coincides with that of the installation teams, anywhere in the UK. Since each delivery is unique in its various components, shape and size, it’s critical that all parts arrive at once, safe and sound, on time.

Sanderson helps meet accelerated demand for home offices amidst COVID-19. 1 Sanderson Transport

Trust is the most important thing in our relationship with Sanderson. They do what they say they’re going to do. We have a fantastic partnership and every one of their drivers is a top notch guy. We wouldn’t be where we are today without this support, and during the pandemic we’ve seen five years growth in five months – they’ve gone the extra mile to help us cope with such rapid expansion.

Alex Booth

Managing Director of Booths Garden Studios