Leading UK Axle and Suspension Supplier Partnership

Quality comes first for leading UK axle and suspension supplier BPW.

The client

BPW is Europe’s leading manufacturer of axle and suspension systems, with a 120 year pedigree in providing innovative solutions for heavy commercial vehicles. The Leicestershire-based UK division, BPW Limited, began life in 1987 and is responsible for the sale of all BPW products throughout the UK and Ireland. Their advanced in-house assembly line enables them to build their leading-edge suspension systems on-site, supporting their goal to make transport and logistics processes more efficient, safer and more predictable for their customers.

Our relationship

Sanderson’s partnership with BPW began in 1990, and by 2000 we were handling the inbound transportation of all BPW axles from Germany and Hungary to the UK. As our partnership grew, we soon began managing the UK distribution of axles to the large trailer-builders across the UK, on BPW’s behalf.

Today, BPW’s axles and suspension systems are constructed at their Leicestershire facility, meaning the parts arrive from Germany before onward transportation to the UK assembly line. BPW needed access to significant storage space and stock management expertise to handle the component parts on arrival. The scale of our operation means that we were able to extend our services from handling the inbound transportation, to running a full warehousing and stock management service for BPW.

Leading UK Axle and Suspension Supplier Partnership


  • BPW is Europe’s leading manufacturer of axle and suspension systems for heavy commercial vehicles.

  • The Sanderson – BPW relationship began in 1990, and grew to see Sanderson handling the inbound transportation and distribution of axles across the UK.

  • Today, parts arrive from Germany to be constructed at BPW’s Leicestershire-based assembly line. Sanderson’s role has extended to careful storage and stock management, before onward transportation to BPW, then distribution of the finished product to the major trailer builders UK-wide.

  • The key imperative is quality. This extends across the whole customer experience from point of order to point of delivery, supported by Sanderson’s detailed processes, and careful handling by highly trained staff.

  • All our own trailers operate BPW running gear. Our commitment to supporting BPW’s exceptional levels of quality includes our involvement in their quality testing processes.

The challenge

For BPW, the greatest imperative is quality and reliability. That begins with the design and manufacture of a premium quality product, but it extends across the whole customer experience from point of order to point of delivery. BPW trust Sanderson Transport to uphold their high standards in the careful handling and efficient distribution of their products, a task which isn’t for the faint hearted. If we’re asked to meet an urgent call to get a vehicle back on the road, that requires a fast and flexible response – something which has become the trademark of our capabilities.

Axle and Suspension Supplier Partnership

The solution

The work we do for BPW epitomises Sanderson’s commitment to quality. In recent years we have invested in new facilities, training, systems and certifications across our business to support the exceptional quality of service that BPW demands – whether in storage and stock management, or in specialist transportation of their products. Our partnership approach means that we work together, understanding their imperatives and working hard to find solutions to new challenges.

For example, all of Sanderson’s trailers operate on BPW running gear. So why not support their commitment to quality by becoming part of their quality testing programme? Sanderson has stepped in to become part of the process, testing all of BPWs axles, suspension systems and load restraints across our entire fleet.

Our close relationship has involved our introduction of BPW to the Transport Association, of which Sanderson is an active and long-serving member, and we also support BPW at their major exhibitions, reflecting the true partnership that we’ve built over the last 33 years.

Leading UK Axle and Suspension Supplier Partnership

The difference

Quality comes first for leading UK axle and suspension supplier BPW. 1 Sanderson Transport

Our Choice to use Sanderson’s as a transportation and logistics partner has the foundation in their ability to provide the quality of service our industry demands.

With their keen interest in vehicle maintenance and reliability, we are confident that their modern fleet is always capable of meeting our delivery slots. Coupled with their agility and flexibility to meet changing demands, they have proven themselves over the years to be an extremely reliable business partner – that has supported our growth and reputation for reliability.

The fact that their staff are also both professional and with a can-do attitude – just makes them an easy decision to deal with!

Neill Groves

Managing Director, BPW Ltd

Quality comes first for leading UK axle and suspension supplier BPW. 2 Sanderson Transport

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