A hands-on approach and tailored service delivers for Pure Table Top.

The client

Based in Leicestershire, Pure Table Top was founded by Tanith Sellicks in 2014. Their mission: to lead the way in design and innovation across ceramics, glassware and home accessories. They supply only the highest quality products for retail and online and since their launch, have built impressive trade partnerships with some of the UK’s biggest brands including John Lewis, Dunelm, M&S and Next, as specialist suppliers of their tableware collections. Today, they sell more than 10 million items every year in the UK and worldwide. They operate as a certified B Corp, reflecting their commitment to sustainability, ethics and transparency across their entire operation.

Our relationship

Our partnership with Pure Table Top began in 2019, when they became our first major warehousing customer. As a family business, their priority was to find a storage and logistics partner that shared the same values of personal service and dedication to quality. Having won a major new retail contract, it had to be a company that could be committed and flexible enough support their vision for the future, and their trajectory of growth. One that was located within reach, to support a close working relationship. 

Today, we provide an end-to-end storage, fulfilment and nationwide distribution service for Pure Table Top. The operation has grown to the extent that we have dedicated an entire warehouse facility to them, picking, packing and delivering daily across the UK to all the major retailers. We store in excess of 5,000 pallets and manage 500 SKUs, supporting with additional services such as re-labelling projects and in-bound stock movements.


  • Established in 2014, Pure Table Top are leading designers and wholesalers of ceramics, glassware and home accessories for the major UK retailers - in-store and online.

  • In 2019 they identified a need for a warehousing and logistics partner to help support massive and rapid growth, requiring a personalised approach and fast response.

  • Sanderson Transport provided the shared values, highly personalised service and responsiveness Pure were searching for.

  • We mobilised quickly, upscaling our own capabilities and creating a bespoke system to help Pure fulfil their first major account order. We introduced dedicated warehousing space and new Microlistics WMS for complex and detailed stock control.

  • Today, we provide a complete end-to-end warehousing, fulfilment and logistics service, storing in excess of 5,000 pallets and delivering daily to major retailers nationwide.

The challenge

Our greatest challenge was being prepared to upscale our operations almost overnight, to support Pure Table Top’s rapid growth. As the first big retailers came on board, we needed to quickly adapt in order to respond. Pure’s relationships with the major retailers are dependent on meeting rigorous and precise criteria, at every stage in their supply chain, as well as handling seasonal variability. As part of their team, we’ve had to demonstrate our ability to deliver the speed, efficiency, care and transparency expected – from point of collection to point of delivery, and continue to grow and flex our systems to respond to a fast-changing marketplace.

A hands-on approach and tailored service delivers for Pure Table Top. 1 Sanderson Transport

The solution

Sanderson’s trademark is our willingness to adapt. Each of our customers has their own unique set of needs, requiring a highly personalised service. When Pure Table Top won their first big partnership with a major brand, we quickly mobilised and began working with Tanith and the team to design a bespoke process to handle increasing volumes and complexities in stock management. 

We committed to establishing a sophisticated warehousing and fulfilment service around their needs – one that could grow with them. That included investing in a new Microlistics Warehouse Management System that would help us to handle a daily flow of complex stock management requirements, and developing fully integrated systems. It also meant the ability to switch between full loads and consolidated freight services to meet the needs of customers large and small.

warehousing and logistics

The difference

Sanderson and Pure Table Top have achieved so much together. We couldn’t have achieved what we have without Sanderson’s willingness to jump on board and share our journey. At Pure we really value working with locally based, like-minded family businesses such as Sanderson Transport. The fast pace of our development has thrown several challenges along the way, but Commercial Director Ed and his whole team have rolled up their sleeves to give them their personal attention. Sanderson is a forward-thinking business, ready to adapt and change to support the aspirations of their customers.

As a registered B Corp, the fact that our values are aligned matters to us. As part of a complex supply chain, Sanderson supports our commitment to sustainability and transparency, demonstrating a genuine care for people and a passion for that they do. We would highly recommend Sanderson Transport as a warehousing and logistics partner. Their hands-on and partnership approach has been fundamental to our success.

Geoff Mann

Operations and Finance Director, Pure Table Top

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