Scania 2-Series Update

The renovation of the Scania 2-Series is now well underway (see the previous post), with the chassis and running gear pretty-much all done
(bar a few optional extras such as the catwalk a-frame, and chain stow areas etc).

The chassis has been painted by Joe Walton of Walton’s BRUNTINGTHORPE. Although a note to Joe – the engine was duck egg green from the start, NOT chassis black! (I turned up one afternoon, mortified, as Joe stood there looking proudly over the hours spent on a beautifully painted, but wrong-coloured, engine).

Shane from S&L Valeting in Wigston has done a great job stripping out and cleaning all the interior right down to the ventilation ducting. And that’s EVERYTHING – all the floor mats, carpets, bunks, seats, dashboard, door cards etc – considering the age of these parts they’ve come up remarkably well.

Some dash bits needed minor repair work, so we sent them off to Trim Techniques near Hinckley. These have been fully repaired already, and are ready to be put back in once rob has finished sorting the cab repairs out.

The cab is going off to be painted at D&H Commercials in Wellingborough – Darren has painted several well-known classics lorries over the last few years, and I know he’ll do a first-class job.

Finally, the truck will go to Riley’s Truck Interiors in Peterborough where Antony will finish off with a new roof lining together with back and side panels to match the existing interior, where it’s missing or damaged.