A new multi-channel order management system boosts Sanderson’s e-fulfilment capabilities

The introduction of Utordo middleware has allowed Stephen Sanderson Transport to link our Microlistics WMS (Warehouse Management System) with our e-commerce clients’ web commerce platforms and other online marketplaces quickly, simply and highly cost-effectively.

Utordo is a cloud-hosted, multi-channel order management system. It gives our WMS multi-channel capability, linking it to our customers’ trading websites and feeding information from these e-commerce platforms to one place where it is translated into one consistent language.

The recent e-commerce boom has meant that warehousing and e-commerce fulfilment now plays a central role in our warehousing day-to-day activity, and we are currently expanding our capabilities even further with the acquisition of a new warehousing and logistics site in Northamptonshire. Utordo’s solution helps ensure that we’re equipped to deliver on increasing demands from an ever-diverse set of clients and helps realise our vision for the future of Stephen Sanderson Transport.

Ed Sanderson, our Commercial Director, comments:

Information and data flows are the lifeblood of our business. As EDI and API integrations become an ever-more significant part of what we do, we realised that we needed to adapt our WMS. We needed to make it capable of integrating with our online clients’ commerce platforms and any other internet marketplaces through which they trade, such as Wayfair, eBay and Amazon. But, we also wanted to have a solution that would ‘plug and play’ into our existing Microlistics WMS for any customer, without the need to constantly reconfigure. Quickly and efficiently.

Utordo synchronises our customers’ stock levels and orders in real-time and ensures that all relevant information relating to each online order is instantly exported to our WMS, without the need for any manual input by our team. Once the orders are received, picked and packed, Utordo integrates with the Sanderson Smartfreight shipping management solution; where an enhanced carrier integration capability allows for easy consignment creation and label printing – making drop-shipping a quick and simple process. Because Utordo is cloud-hosted, all software installation procedures and regular updates are undertaken remotely, further adding to reliability and efficiency.

A new multi-channel order management system boosts Sanderson’s e-fulfilment capabilities 1 Sanderson Transport


Ed Sanderson adds:

Internet traders want to work with fulfilment partners that have the systems in place to integrate to their existing web-commerce platforms and other online marketplaces where they are visible. Utordo has given us this ability without impacting upon the Microlistics WMS core functionality or, indeed, interfering with our day-to-day operational processes.

Ed Sanderson

Introducing Utordo has proved very successful for us at Sanderson transport. We’re able to deliver integrated solutions for our growing e-commerce fulfilment customer base quickly and efficiently. In today’s market, integration is a must. The hands-on, can-do approach that Utordo has at its heart means that both companies are fully aligned with their outlook; ultimately delivering a happy customer.

Ed Sanderson

Commercial Director