Sanderson Transport and Farrington Oils: Like-minded people, preserving high standards in UK-wide food distribution

The client

Farrington Oils produces the well-known Mellow Yellow rapeseed oil from their family farm in Northamptonshire. It was Britain’s first ‘seed-to-bottle’ premium cold pressed rapeseed oil and the world’s first food product to be certified as both carbon and plastic neutral. A ground-breaking step for fourth-generation farmer Duncan Farrington, who is passionate about the provenance of his product and environmentally-aware agriculture.


Our partnership began back in 2010, when Farrington Oils were beginning their journey of growth, entering into the mainstream food sector and creating early partnerships with some of the large retailers. Today, Stephen Sanderson Transport supports them with complete end-to-end logistics and distribution, across major supermarket chains nationwide.

Sanderson Transport and Farrington Oils 1 Sanderson Transport


  • Farrington Oils are manufacturers of Britain’s first premium ‘seed-to-bottle’ cold-pressed rapeseed oil, ‘Mellow Yellow’

  • Accessing the major nationwide retail brands has meant meeting precise standards through the whole supply chain. They needed the support of a distribution partner who could flex and adapt to meet high service level measures

  • Sanderson Transport have responded with bespoke logistics solutions, integrated and paperless systems, BRC Double AA Global Standard accreditation, and have up-scaled to meet increased volume demands during the Covid-19 crisis

  • Our commitment to reducing environmental impact supports Farrington Oil’s LEAF promise, and their carbon and plastic neutral product status

The challenge

Many of our long-standing clients have grown alongside us, and the greatest challenge has been the ability to adapt and flex our services to meet the evolving distribution and transport needs that come with growth.


When Farrington Oils began partnering with the major supermarkets, the issue wasn’t simply one of up-scaling and cost-competitiveness. It was the ability for Sanderson, as hauliers, to support them in continuously meeting the very exacting requirements and regulations of the leading retailers – across a complex range of measures. For example, this can extend from how the product is transported, to the detail of how the pallets are selected and presented, how they’re wrapped, their dimensions, and our commitment to minimising environmental impact. Not to mention precise scheduling and reliability.

The solution

Farrington Oils tell us that the solution is in our people and our approach: 

Sanderson Transport have adapted and flexed to what is needed, to keep our service levels where we aspire for them to be.

Investing in our customers

We’ve accompanied Farrington Oils to meet in person with their larger supermarket customers, to ensure we gain first-hand understanding of what is expected from distribution partners

Flexible logistics solutions

When fast and flexible nationwide distribution has been a priority for Farrington’s, we’ve been able to harness the power of our Palletline network membership. As precision and meeting regulations become an increasing imperative, we have made the seamless transition to a dedicated loads service


Moving to paperless systems has been a necessity for Farrington Oils, and has helped them adapt quickly to meet Covid-19 safeguards. We’ve ensured that training has been delivered onsite with our clients, and it has been described by Farrington’s Logistics co-ordinator, Jo Giles as “the most caring and painless training ever!”

Fast response to increased demand

Covid-19 has driven demand from the big retailers, and our 80-strong fleet means that we’ve been able to upscale our service to respond quickly

BRC Double AA Global Standard accreditation

For any business that is part of the food sector supply chain, partnering with a BRC accredited haulier provides assurance and credibility across their whole operation, from door-to-door. You can read more about the BRC Global Standard accreditation here

The difference

Sanderson Transport and Farrington Oils 2 Sanderson Transport

Working with partners who share our values is important to us and, as a family business, Stephen Sanderson Transport reflect our own ethos. Their shared objective of working to slow down climate change supports our LEAF commitment to the relationship between farming and the environment. Our remote location has never daunted or prevented the drivers from reaching us but more importantly, they are very sensitive to the fact that we are keen to keep traffic away from the village and to a minimum.


Sanderson is made up of a unique group of people who care as much about our product as we do. They employ dedicated staff who go above and beyond to support us, and their drivers are great ambassadors who feel like part of our team.

Duncan Farrington

Managing Director, Farrington Oils Ltd.

The outcome

During the pandemic, Farrington Oil’s pallet volume for major retailers grew by a substantial

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Overcompensating for the inevitable pause in catering sector demand.
At Sanderson’s, we’ve seen a boom in demand across sectors represented by many of our customers during the Covid-19 crisis. Our focus has been about working hard to ensure that we upscale to support them in their logistics and distribution needs, whilst protecting the high service levels they expect.   If you’d like to know more about Farrington Oils, visit their website to read their story.