Sanderson Transport & Clifton Packaging​

The client

Clifton Packaging is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of flexible packaging materials, supplying the fast-paced food industry. They partner with many of the best-known supermarket brands and food manufacturers, who demand top-notch quality and consistency, at high speed. 

Since 2013, Stephen Sanderson Transport has supported Clifton’s year-on-year growth, providing haulage and logistics services that have expanded to help them cover the length and breadth of the UK. Thanks to our extensive warehousing facilities and Microlistics WMS, we were also able to step in with interim measures to support overflow storage and stock control needs until Clifton’s new second facility became operational.

Sanderson supports leaner distribution strategies for food industry customer, Clifton Packaging 1 Sanderson Transport


  • Clifton Packaging Group is a leading manufacturer of flexible packaging materials for the food industry

  • Since 2013, Sanderson Transport has developed logistics solutions to help streamline Clifton’s distribution operations and support steady expansion of the business

  • Sanderson’s extensive warehousing facilities provided an interim resource during a period of rapid growth

  • Attaining the BRC AA standard has provided Clifton’s existing and potential customers with confidence in the entire supply chain.

The challenge

Momentum has been a critical factor in the food industry, especially in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, when the pressures of supply and demand have been at their highest. Now, in the early stages of a complex post-Brexit marketplace, slick supply chain logistics are critical.

Four key challenges have dominated Clifton’s operations:

  • The ability to guarantee a quality and timely chain of supply
  • Keeping processes lean, efficient and cost-competitive
  • The capability to seize opportunities for growth
  • Managing the steady evolution and expansion of their business.

In the early days of our relationship with Clifton Packaging, their distribution operation was under pressure day in, day out, with a ‘just-in-time’ approach that wasn’t sustainable, given the path of steady growth that was underway. Our team began work with Clifton’s Group Site Manager Adrian Akiens to develop a more forward-thinking and streamlined process to help meet the challenges of the future.

The solution

We worked closely with the team at Clifton Packaging to understand the dynamics of their business, and their roadmap for the future. Together we developed a new, leaner and more efficient process that involved:

  1. Maximising the use of our fully integrated systems: Real-time information sharing and traceability through our internet portal makes life easier and makes us accountable
  2. Staying one step ahead with capability and coverage: The continual upscaling of our fleet to over 80 vehicles means we’ve been able to keep pace with Clifton’s growth
  3. Attaining BRC gold standard accreditation: Because Sanderson holds the certification that rules the food industry, Clifton can provide existing and potential customers with confidence in standards right through their supply chain. You can read more about the BRC gold standard accreditation on their website

The difference

Clifton Packaging

Today, Stephen Sanderson Transport move in excess of 10,000 pallets a year for us. As we’ve grown, they’ve helped solve what was a logistics headache. They’ve helped streamline our supply chain and keep costs efficient without compromising on quality, striking the right balance between service and price. Trust is critical for us – our customers expect the best quality of service and we know that Sanderson will deliver on their promises, which offers us the peace of mind we need.

We’re pleased to work with an honest family business which operates like an extension of our own team, shares our own values, and who will push the boat out for us if needs be.

Adrian Akiens

Group Site Manager at Clifton Packaging

The metrics

Stephen Sanderson Transport has supported a increase in palletised deliveries for Clifton Packaging Group of...

Over the last 4 years alone.
0 %

While the pandemic has made it abundantly apparent that companies need to be more agile, there’s been little change to customer behaviour. However, customer expectations are increasing they require more flexibility in ordering, the capability to manage more varied order sizes, and to handle more off-schedule orders. With our national coverage and a UK-wide network, we can confidently handle any size of contract, and the volumes and expectations that come with that.

Rory Jeacock

Customer Support Manager at Stephen Sanderson Transport Ltd.

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