As recommended by Amazon

At Sanderson Transport we’ve been a proud member of the Palletline logistics network since 2001. Membership brings with it a whole range of benefits and opportunities. One of them, is that Palletline is an Amazon Preferred Carrier. Which means we regularly get to transport all kinds of products into Amazon fulfillment centers from businesses around the country.


Of course being on such friendly terms with Amazon isn’t only good for us. If your business sells products through Amazon, you’ll already know how notoriously difficult it can sometimes be, just to get your stock in there. Using a selected carrier like us can really smooth the process.


That’s because Amazon trusts us to take care of the booking process, the paperwork, and all their compliance checks. We know how to spot any issues with your shipment sooner, so there’s less chance of your delivery being turned away at the gate. Which saves everyone a bunch of time, money and hassle.


Also, Preferred Carriers have fixed daily delivery slots and far less red tape to deal with. So there’s every chance your goods will be in stock and online a lot faster if you use a Preferred Carrier than if you choose one of those ordinary logistics companies – you know, those that aren’t recommended by Amazon.


Whether it’s a pallet load or a truckload, if you’d like us to help get your delivery into Amazon, just …