The Sanderson staff weekender

As a family business, one thing we never take for granted is the effort and commitment our staff puts into our growing success. To show our appreciation, every so often we like to whisk everyone away for a special weekend somewhere exclusive. Which is how, on the afternoon of the England v Scotland Six Nations match, 140 of our employees and their partners found themselves at the historic Chesford Grange Hotel in Kenilworth.


The weekend started with lunch, followed by friendly fun and games that quickly escalated into all-out competition to rival the one on TV.

The longest drive on the golf course was, of course, won by a driver (Lee Dodwell), but the fastest lap on the driving simulator wasn’t – that was Dan Hutcheson, one of our newest office recruits.


In the evening we enjoyed a champagne reception and gala dinner that opened with a speech from Stephen Sanderson. He updated everybody on the company’s achievements over the last two years, enthused about the success of our new Corby warehouse, and shared some exciting plans for the future.


As well as welcoming new employees, he also welcomed long-serving driver Nigel Haw into our 15-strong 25 Year Club – even though the other members still see him as the new boy.


After dinner, we went to Vegas. Or rather, Vegas came to us, and everyone spent the rest of the evening singing Sinatra tunes and gambling away their chips at the pop-up roulette and blackjack tables. Everyone except John Burrows, who managed to turn his £200 of starter chips into a stack of nearly £6,000.


It’s wasn’t just John celebrating though. All in all, everyone had a good time and we’re counting the weekend a success. So much, that plans are already underway for our next event in two years’ time. This one will mark our 45 years in business, so it’s going to be a big one.