We’re taking over Corby

Ok, we’re not really taking over Corby. But we have just acquired our second warehousing site in the town, and we’re even more thrilled about it than we were the first time around.


The 55,000 sq ft facility was previously owned by luxury yacht maker, Fairline Boats. So it’s quite fitting it will provide the launch pad we need to make another huge splash and dramatically expand our capabilities into what’s becoming the fastest growing part of our business.

Of course, it’s not ready just yet. But over the next 12 months, we’ll be investing around £500k to create what we’re sure will be one of the most impressive warehouse solutions anywhere in the East Midlands.


Our vision for the site involves enormous amounts of racked and bulk storage, enough space for up to 10,000 pallets and, crucially, a dedicated 18,000 sq ft reworking area that will mean we can offer almost any business a flexible, fast-turnaround service that’s tailored to their very specific storage and distribution needs.


Naturally, we’re also planning 24-hour security, RF scanning and seamless reporting, so customers will be able to see exactly where their goods are from the minute they enter our pipeline.


Once completed the facility will be the third and most significant in our portfolio, taking our total warehousing space to over 100,000 sq ft. That’s double the amount we had just a year or so ago. But you know what? We’re not done yet. We’re embracing the warehousing sector with everything we’ve got.