A labour of love

Scania 164 V8 580

We don’t have many regrets at Stephen Sanderson Transport. But being as passionate about lorries as we are, one of them is having to sell off most of our older kit to fund our modern fleet. So when Chris decided to restore one of the few remaining old-timers we own, everyone was keen to see the results.


The vehicle in question was a rare 2001 Scania 164 V8 580 with a manual gearbox and the full Classic spec. When it was new, arguably there was no better truck on the road, and it’s served us well for over 1.2 million km.


But the reasons for choosing this particular vehicle were more than sentimental. The 164 is one of the last of its kind – a lorry you can still fix with your hands, and that isn’t controlled by electronics and computers. Which means it’s also one of the last trucks it will ever be possible for an enthusiast to restore.


For perfectionist Chris, this project had another significance that meant it had to be done properly. Although he’s been working in the family business since the age of 16, from age 19 Chris has been in the office, running things behind the scenes. It’s meant he’s never really had a truck he can call his own. This one was to be it.


Scania 164 V8 580
2001 Scania 164 V8 580


So with the help of Rob Corrie, one of our workshop engineers who shares Chris’s almost obsessive passion for detail, the truck was stripped right back to its chassis and slowly and lovingly restored to its original condition. From the cross members to the walnut dash and fridge, no part of the classic Scania was left untouched.


The restoration took 12 months of graft and hard work to complete. But following a stunning final paint job from Joe Walton of Waltons at Bruntingthorpe, the Scania is now the showpiece of our fleet. It’s back on the road and on its way to truck shows, exhibitions and even the odd job or two.


Everyone’s extremely pleased with the results, but the last word must go to proud owner, Chris.

“Rob’s attention to detail is unbelievable, I couldn’t have asked him to do a better job. I can’t imagine that anyone could look at this truck and not be impressed by the passion and care that’s been put into bringing her back to life.”