Boughton provides bulk loads of topsoil, turf and loam to clients all across the UK.

Boughton Loam Ltd. 1 Sanderson Transport

The challenge

Boughton provides bulk loads of topsoil, turf and loam to clients all across the UK.


We’ve been working with Sanderson Transport since 2007. When I was looking for a new logistics partner, there was really no other company in the frame. Sanderson’s location (they’re a local firm), their reputation and their proven track record were enough to influence my decision. And they started to prove their worth immediately.


One of the biggest challenges we face – apart from the sheer weight of our deliveries – is the seasonal aspect of our business. Many of our deliveries go to both large sports grounds and private addresses, and at certain times of the year the demand for our products can be very high.


Of course this is where the size of Sanderson’s fleet and their ability to warehouse some of our stock has been essential. They keep deliveries turning over and they make sure we live up to our promises to reach customers on time. But more than that, their experience has been invaluable.


The team has always been interested in getting to know us, and in understanding what they can do to help our business. It’s not a case of how do we fit in with them, but what can they suggest to improve our efficiencies and solve some of the problems we face.


I can say without a doubt that because of the services provided by Sanderson Transport, and the confidence that having a partner as committed as they are gives us, we’ve been able to grow our business and take advantage of opportunities that were previously beyond reach.

Boughton Loam Ltd. 2 Sanderson Transport
Boughton Loam Ltd. 3 Sanderson Transport


Their equipment is a godsend too. Our products can come packaged and palletised or loose in 1000kg bulk bags. Sanderson’s Moffett-mounted trucks allow our products to be taken to exactly where our customers need them. Which is essential for client satisfaction. And the technology they’ve introduced to our computer systems mean we can keep a constant eye on where our deliveries are and when they arrive. Not that we really need to.

Boughton Loam Ltd. 4 Sanderson Transport

Of delivery firms out there, I’d suggest there are very few that you could rely on to get your goods there, safely and on time, day in and day out. Sandersons is one of those few. I trust them with our reputation, and that’s the highest praise I can give.

Simon Hedley

Business Director, Boughton Loam Ltd.