On the hedge of perfection

Every day is different in a transport business like ours. But some days are also a lot more different than others. Thanks to our client RentaHedge, back in June we spent two of those days helping to set things up at Royal Ascot.


RentaHedge provides living temporary hedges – the kind used to create boundaries, screen-off hospitality areas and make all kinds of large events look beautifully green and natural. And every summer for the past four years we’ve helped the company to transport and install hundreds of living laurel and box hedges ready for the prestigious Royal Meeting.


Of course you can’t simply turn up at Royal Ascot with 12 forklift-mounted trucks carefully loaded with shrubbery. Planning is an essential part of the process, and that’s where our logistics experience and impeccable attention to detail always comes in very useful.


We carefully spread the operation over two days – staggering the transport from Northampton. We used our Moffett-mounted fleet to deliver and then unload and perfectly position over 200 hedges and trees in and around Ascot – including those that dressed the Royal Enclosure, the Ascot Grill and the Grandstand entrances.


If you were there among the spectacular hats, the landed gentry and the world’s most valuable racehorses, you’ll have certainly noticed our client’s product and our handy work. We’re sure the Queen was admiring it too.


Our brush with royalty was short lived though, as six days later we had to return and pick it all up again.