Delivering dreams (of beer)

There are a few very good reasons why we jumped at the chance to help Market Harborough Brewery collect their brand new brewery from Goldaming, Surrey in November 2015.


One, it was a brewery. And the opportunity to say we’ve moved a whole brewery in one of our trailers doesn’t come around often. But two and three, MHB is a brand new local enterprise. It’s the first brewery in the centre of our hometown of Market Harborough. And it’s not just local, it’s literally only a few doors away from where Stephen Sanderson started our own company on St Mary’s Road with a single truck back in 1973.


So while, on one hand, the job itself may not have differed all that much from the kind of thing we do all the time – we loaded the equipment one day, delivered and carefully unloaded it the next – on the other hand we think the story is pretty special. We’re proud to have had a hand in helping another local person get started on achieving their dream. And we’re honoured to be the ones entrusted with bringing that dream to reality.


Good luck to Simon and all the crew at Market Harborough Brewery.